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Digital comprehensive supportive care for everybody impacted by cancer.

Who is Mili for?


Patients & Caregivers


Personalized supportive care


On your time, wherever you are


Evidence-based oncology care


Providers, Payers, Employers

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Reduce out of work days


Decreasing disparities in cancer care by providing expert supportive care for all


Reduces unmet needs which improves patient experience

What Mili Offers


from supportive care experts including dietitians, social workers, rehab therapists, sexual health experts


live and OnDemand classes, webinars, and demonstrations tailored for your needs and schedule


to a community of other people facing cancer

Mili is a modern take on oncology support that meets you where you are. Cancer is hard, but getting the support you need is easy with Mili.

Who We Are

​We are a team of oncology specialists serving as clinicians, supportive care specialists and health technology leaders. After years treating and supporting those impacted by cancer we are as determined as ever to improve the cancer experience. We believe comprehensive supportive care is an essential piece of cancer treatment. We understand most people do not have access to these services and the negative impact that has on individuals and their families. We are committed to making this care accessible to everyone.

Why Mili Exists

​1.8m new cancer diagnoses in the US annually. With improved outcomes, this adds to a growing number of total cancer survivors.

​<15% are treated for cancer at a National Cancer Institute(NCI)-designated Cancer Center, leaving the majority of cancer patients without comprehensive supportive care.

Mili narrows the care gap to overcome disparities in cancer outcome by improving access to expert cancer supportive care.

How Mili Helps


Yoga results in a 35% improvement in quality of life in cancer survivors

Yoga Practitioners


Up to 24% of people with cancer are also living with depression

Mental health experts


A low-fat diet resulted in a 21% reduction in long-term breast cancer related mortality for post-menopausal women

Registered dietitians

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“The guided meditation during infusion was immediately relaxing. [She] made me feel safe and cared for. It’s amazing what just a few minutes of the meditation did for my anxiety. For a few minutes I could forget about the fact that I was in chemo. I felt both relaxed and energized when it was over.”

“[Her] meditation was so comforting. I’m always anxious at chemo but after just a few minutes of her guidance I was almost asleep — something I’ve had trouble doing since my diagnosis.”

“[She] brings something very special to a yoga class. It’s just enough effort paired with the right amount of relaxation – but most importantly she always encourages us to make the practice “ours”, to listen to our bodies, and to do what feels good on that day. That makes a true difference. Her warmth, attention, and care for her students is crystal clear.”

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